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Hi There! I'm glad you found me!

Refined pure chocolate is hard to find… For it must be experienced, mature, and defined before it can truly sedate a wandering desire.

Warm to the touch, stimulating the smell, and delectable in taste…an experience of immersing the senses and creating memories.

Imagine, there she is at the bar waiting for you to call her name; Josephine Moncler…..Josie, your awaited Hong Kong escort companion.

A starry sky smile greets you with deep cocoa eyes illuminated with excitement.

Your heart skips a beat at the bronzed beauty you are about to indulge in and hers a flutter as she is blushing at the thought of being desired by a gentleman

Her voice is like music to your hears and a conversation smooth as hot coco on a winter’s night carries the conversation long past the bar being closed.

Refreshing lemonade on a summers day; a talented art that comes with experience and maturity.

You talk about the good old days of flare bottom 70’s, Madonna-Bowie-Prince 80’s, and the ever changing socialism of people in the 90s to the millennial ages; memories flood your mind of nostalgia and happiness.

She reminds you of the girl you never had a chance to say hello to and you wish you did….Now here’s your chance.

By the time you conjoin, you are simply melting into each other. The organic chemistry and pleasant remembrance has awakened your fiend to have dark chocolate, the purest form of decadence and confectionary.

Your night is intertwined with laughter, gratifying climaxes, serenity, and comfort. Smoothly she becomes a facade in the background of your daily life until you are ready to indulge in another helping.

I will be here waiting…


Imagine Our Date Together....


My date packages are designed for the gentlemen who desire to be truly spoiled and pampered like a king, with a natural, clock-free environment to allow organic sensuality and anticipated sexuality to flourish. I deeply enjoy pleasing and being pleased, the build up of playing footsies during our dinner date and sharing naughty ideas while having drinks at the bar… leading to the musical finale in our bedroom.

As a professional jazz singer my time tends to be favored to those who wish to be together for an indulgent amount of time; my favorite dates being gourmet experiences, social activity outings, holidays to exotic places or upscale resorts where we can bask in our own private company, or being your personal traveling companion during your “time on the road”. 

Understanding that a romantic getaway may be a little far out of reach, I do offer short rendezvous engagements.

Having an eye for detail, I cultivate the most magnificent date together.  I tailor each date specifically to your desired outcome. Like that of a 5-star boutique hotel taking into account of your specifications to meet your expectations and showcase to you the very best of who I am. 

My sexual peak is untamable with gentlemen who truly wish to indulge in a far better experience than of physical instant gratification. The climax of our flesh harmonizing together over a stimulating prelude. Men who are about living for the moment now and relishing in the rewards of getting close to me.


Engagement Offerings



1. Why did you choose to become a companion?

After experiencing being in a conservative life and marriage, I broke free from the dull routine of daily life and decided to go after my dreams. I quit my office job and become a lounge jazz singer. However, I found my heart still longed to make love and be made love to after being offer one of many drinks at the bar I decided to wander into the world of companionship and I have not looked back since.

2. How would you describe what type of lover are you?

At my core I am a bonafide hopeless romantic; believing that chivalry is not dead, appreciating flowers that are given to me, love letters, and playing footsies under the table. Ultimately it’s that feeling of being genuinely acknowledged and appreciated. Being given the same magical and loving energy that you emit is the greatest euphoria in the world. That magical connection is what I strive for as a companion and as a woman. It’s a feeling that can not be put into words, only felt with actions and presence.


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Currently, I am based out of Hong Kong, I am available worldwide by invitation, I also tour Internationally both scheduled and for spontaneous leisure.

Being a professional jazz singer, I lead a full bustling life, so in favor of having time for my personal endeavors and remaining low-volume –  I only choose to see a few gentlemen per month. I am discerning with who I share my body, mind, and love with…as I would hope you are when thinking about your resources.

Like dating, first impressions are the thing we find an attraction with. Please include an introduction of yourself, so I can get a taste of who you are and find common interests between us. Discerning, affluent, articulate, playful, open-minded and generous gentlemen need only apply.

It is best to contact me at least one-week in advance to better ensure the secure reservation for your preferred date details with me. Please note that I am never available to meet same-day with new friends. 

See you soon!